It’s been almost 1 1/2 years ago that we sold our second car. We kept one having kids, living in a medium sized town and especially since we load up 4 – 5 bikes when we go on vacation in Southern Europe during summer. I have not found any practical way of managing an endeavor like that yet.

Maybe I will write some more about this experience of changing my mode of transportation. Today I thought I’d try how well it works to use the old kids trailer for everyday duties. In this case – bringing glass to the containers. The thought behind it was, that I might still need to be able to haul larger stuff and weights than you can usually put on a normal bike rack when my wife has the car for more than a day. Often enough she’ll be on vacation with the kids 2 weeks before I join them.

Very pleased with the results!

Loads of space

I will probably take even more of the seats out inside and replace the floor (which is only some fabric) with some sturdier setup. Let’s see what I can find which isn’t going to weigh a ton but still hold heavy loads like a case of water. Overall I think it can handle 60kg. That should be sufficient for most use cases.

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