Since school is out so long during summer the kids leave for vacation about 2 weeks earlier together with my wife. This leaves me at home / work with only my bike(s). I think I mentioned that in one of my earlier posts as well. Positive thing about this is that I have time for some of my projects.

So I added some finishing touches to the trailer and bought myself some panniers for the bike. I found out that while the trailer is perfect for larger shopping tours – e.g. buying water or sth. else heavy – for short re-supplies it’s too bulky. I took the rucksack the last time and was painfully reminded that some things like cans just feel awful pressing into your back.

Nothing specifically fancy but they do their job so far. Let’s see if they last or if I have to buy more expensive ones the next time around. They are made out of old truck plane and you can take them off fairly easy. They also come with some detachable straps to hang them from your shoulder. I found that really useful today to just use them as shopping bags as well. I’ll keep you posted on my mid term experience with them.

Then I finally finished a project I had in mind for some time. It always bothered me that the front cover of the trailer would fall into the middle. Thus leaving gaps on both side where rain or dirt can fall inside.

So I bought some buttons you’d usually use for jackets or camping gear. Seems a little complicated at first but once you did one you get the hang of it.

I added two more where the arrows are pointing. Definitely much better. Somehow wonder why they didn’t do something like that in the first place.

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