A bike for everyday life. In my last post I talked about the bike’s era serving as my commuter bike. After we all retreated to home office I wasn’t commuting anymore and there was no need for a bike in downtown Karlsruhe for the last miles. On top of that my work place moved so close to the main train station that I wouldn’t need a bike anymore to get there.

Last summer (2020) we were allowed to return to the office for a few months. I did not want to use the train during the pandemic. Therefore I decided to take my bike from home to work every day. It stopped hurting after a month of 60km x 5 days a week. But I used my main bike – a Stevens – for that task. It was clear therefore the bike would not serve my commuting anymore.

But since I was using my Stevens for commuting every day, I did not want to put extra weight on it. Aiming at doing more duties without a car I wanted an everyday bike which would serve exactly this purpose. New purpose found for the bike. Next to the fenders that I had already added during winter commutes I attached an old rack to the bike. Then also added the coupling for the trailer. Ready was my first iteration of a bike suitable for any duty.

I loved the look of the Schwalbe Table Tops. Yet recently I had to replace the tires and tubes on my trailer. The tubes would loose air and the tires were really porously. The 20×1.75s came up in my search as whitewall tires. I couldn’t resist. And since looks have to be aligned I got some for the towing engine as well. I think they look just right together.

Just tweaking and fine tuning now. I recently replaced the bell with my most beloved bell – a Knog Oi. Also considering if a silver seat post would match better the silver steerer tube and stem. Next to that still trying to hunt a nice tubus rack (or sth. similar in looks). Last but not least I am wondering which kind of lights could match the style. Happy to hear your suggestions.

The trailer has become an integral part not just for me. My parents in law have adopted it whenever they have our kids at their place. Mainly to hold the picnic for long bike tours.

For the time being the bike has found it’s place again. Still loving it as much as when I got it in the 90s. Wonder what’s up next for it? My older daughter already has made claims for it when she is tall enough to ride it… 🙂

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