A decision is taken and purchased. I first talked about my test in the trial post. I am still thankful for the support by Hotte! He was nice enough to borrow me one for my testing and helping the decision process. The first trial was on our Gravel Tour through Rhineland Palatinate aka “PfΓ€lzer Berge”. Quickly followed by some experiments on my local trails. Then on our first bike packing tour this year the camera played the main role of documenting the tour. It is fun being able to watch the tours again – reliving the experience!

So I concluded my decision process and purchased a used camera from ebay Kleinanzeigen (classifieds). Decent price and from a trusted seller. Worked like a charm and it looks like new. While researching I also saw that they can be sold for a good amount for a long time. Speaks for a good re-selling price in case I get bored of it. Also for the longevity of the product I guess.

So the risk of the decision seems low, well researched and any collateral within an affordable loss for the bank account πŸ˜‰

I opted for the GoPro7 Black since it was the first to have the so called Hypersmooth. Essentially it smooths out a bumpy video to it’s main motion. Follow the link to the official explanation. Definitely looks a lot better. I also had the feeling it doesn’t quite reflect reality anymore after that. I thought something like: “Hey that trail hurt on a gravel bike! It looks like flying the hoverboard from back to the future” πŸ˜€

I think I already revealed my extremely high patience in one of my earlier blogs. So the day I got it, I had to take it for a tour and test it. Hope you enjoy my test:

What I also learned is that I need to tweak more with the video settings. Depending on what format you upload HD can look worse or better. Can’t anything be just plain straight forward in the internet!! πŸ˜€

Here some pictures of my cockpit for the video tours. From back to front:

  • Mobile phone connected with the most reliable connection I have found: Quadlock.
    Used to (sometimes) manage the GoPro, mostly to map out alternative routes if necessary
  • Garmin 130 on the Syncros XR1.5 which has the nice computer mount option
    Used to navigate with enough battery life and in rain. The mobile phone fails at both of these tasks and I am reluctant to buy an expensive navigation for the price of a nice wheel set.
  • GoPro attached to a cheap(er), yet rather discreet mount attached to the stem
    Well obvious what it’s used for πŸ™‚ The mount works well, a little squeezing needed when attaching the case. But has held the camera in place perfectly. Even on rough terrain.

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