Yesterday I had some time on my hands so I took the GoPro from Hotte out for another gravel around the block. It does add some extra time to the tour if you bother to change perspective and film some flybys. I just checked on strava and was rather surprised that the difference was a mere 20 – 30 minutes. So elapsed vs moving time.

The tour was an absolute blast. Small little trails, some 750+ meters of altitude crammed into 35 km. Everywhere the owners of the woods where getting rid of carnage of the storm from the night. That carnage also led to me abandoning a trail on the last 20% of it.

Looking at the video material afterwards I should have spent some more time getting the right angle of myself riding past the GoPro. Lesson learned. Also I am getting used to deleting 95% of footage afterwards. It’s fun to ride a trail for 10 minutes, but not watch it later.

So hope you enjoy my next attempt on route documentation and as always happy to receive your criticism, thoughts and feedback.

Update 10th of May 2021: Integrating some further feedback with a second take on the edit:


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