It’s been more than a month since my last post πŸ™ Busy at work, busy at home and ready for vacation to be honest. Yet it’s been a delightful month as well. Especially that we’ve managed to retreat on another bike packing adventure.

I usually start from Bruchsal directly and will meet up with Matthias in Karlsruhe. As most Black Forest adventures the route first takes us to Bad Herrenalb. Directly at the entrance to the town two supermarkets, one with a bakery inside, offer a good opportunity to get food for later. After that we started up the steep long climb to reach the Black Forest heights. The adventure included great trails, loads of forest roads and plenty of awesome views into the Rhine Valley.

The last quarter of the tour took us down again into Baiersbronn. There we got some further supplies for the night and breakfast. Additionally the city center invited us to a wonderful cake and coffee. Funny enough we had cake at the same place about a year ago. That was on our endeavor from Basel to Karlsruhe to Bruchsal [1].

The following day we continued in the direction of Offenburg on the ridge of the mountain. Heading up and down before it comes to the edge of the Black Forest. There we dropped down high speed on the forest roads into the Rhine Valley. The lookout tower: Zum Hohe-Horn-Turm at “only” 546m above sea level offered a fantastic view of the Rhine plain. A few beautiful hairpin bends rounded off the adventure. Quite challenging on Gravel & 19.8 kilos of bike packing bike.

We then took the train from Offenburg back to Karlsruhe after having enjoyed a finisher ice cream. Since the connection was impractical for me personally, I also took the bike home to Bruchsal from Karlsruhe through the forest.

If you want to have a look at the route and video:

Let’s just pretend it was on purpose to write black forrrrrrest. But I can’t reset my hard earned millions of views on Youtube πŸ˜‚

[1] I haven’t yet created a komoot collection for the Basel – Bruchsal tour but if you are keen on trying it out:

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