In my first post I mentioned the touch ups that were made. They turned out to originate from a chain suck. Professionally fixed layers yet a poor attempt on regaining the original patterns of the frames. I wasn’t keen on completely repainting the whole frame but I still didn’t like the looks. So I started some cosmetic work.

So first showing the original state:


First I carefully sanded down the area. After that I stuck some protective stickers on the frame and carefully cut out the red line to be able to touch it up with some red. After that I cleared all imperfections in the white area and finished it off with some clear varnish to protect it. I am happy about the result. You could always perfect it but in the end most of this is hidden behind the crankset anyway.


Another cosmetic optimization was the derailleur hanger. Since I had to re-order (see my second post) the derailleur hanger I opted for a black one directly. Looks much better and – you’ll see in the pictures soon – even more fitting with the black derailleur attached.


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