First mistake and a happy turnout.

Anxiously awaiting the response from the seller I learned a few things so far:

  • 28mm tires definitely do not fit. Tried my current “stiletto” (road) wheel set.
  • I bought the wrong derailleur hanger – could’ve just waited… err. yes patience is sth. you gotta learn on a bike build πŸ˜›
  • The fork probably needs to be cut for fit. Who wants chimneys on a nice bike. But I think I can take it for the first test swings to find out the fitting position.
  • I am missing a steerer tube expander or compression plug for the carbon fork. First lesson as a carbon newbie about this difference to regular aluminium or steel forks.

And then the reassuring (enough) response from the seller about the touch ups. They were necessary after a chain suck. Here a picture (of not my bike) what this can result in… ouch.

Happily he had it professionally fixed and an invoice of it could be produced. A deep and thorough check of the other side shows no signs of structural harm done. And to add: he rode the bike for 5 years without issue and hissed down some hills at 103 km/h with it. So I think I will build the bike up. I just have to decide if I am fussed about the looks (hidden behind the cranksets later) or if I want to repaint that part… maybe later in the project. Let’s see.

For now I decided to wait for all components to be delivered. Then compile a list of the missing parts to order them in one go. Hopefully by the end of this week I can finish it.

Oh – and for laughs and giggles. Somethings wrong here πŸ˜‚

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