Like every project, I expect highs and lows, bad purchases, bad decisions and moments of happiness.

Today the frame arrived that gave the impulse for the project. and for sure was a gamble if it would turn out alright.

It is an older model, no well-known manufacturer (Intec RA-CO) and designed for “classic” components: BSA, external cable routing, rim brakes, more than 25mm tire width it will probably not accommodate in the rear wheel. For my purpose I think it will be just right for starters. Working on a budget (that’s life with a family) I decided to give it a go.

The motivation: Every winter, as soon as the forest roads become so muddy, that cleaning the bike is just really no fun, I put the “tarmac stilettos”on. Instead of the 43mm gravel tires it’s the 28mm in this situation. And pure Tarmac and hill climbing can be fun as well!

Another motivating aspect is not having to switch over wheel sets constantly or take the bike out from the trainer as soon as the sun shines.

Weight: Definitely a high. The frame lies within the expectations and I’m really happy about it. Frame including headset is at about 1,140g and the fork at 370g – so in total: 1,510g of which 100g go approximately to the headset. Top.

369g – needs some cleaning, but weight first 😛
1138g (incl. Headset!)

Frame cosmetics or a big problem? That was a first low. Unfortunately, during cleaning I noticed a spot on the frame that has received significant touch-ups.

Looks and feels rather well done – apart from the coloring maybe

So here goes the perhaps first bad decision in the project. The touch-ups were not obvious on any of the pictures in the offer. I find that a bit annoying, but hey – I knew I was gambling at that price. I am hoping that the seller can confirm to me that it is a visual touch up and not a reconstruction. I probably wouldn’t trust the latter situation.

So awaiting the response with anxiety. Stay tuned!

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