How small decisions can still be hard.

Today the rims arrived. Not the lightest of lightest, yet I was also searching for some little aero effects. The Fulcrums seemed to combine my ideas of weight, aero and price tag very well. And – I think their looks are gorgeous! And riding a bike you like makes you faster – fact.

The rims are Fulcrum Racing 4 2019 model:


Now the small but hard decision is which tire I will order. Recommended for the rim is a width from 25 – 50mm. So I was thinking about 25s anyway for the setup. But how sure am I that they will fit into the frame. I have established 28mm on 15C is too large. But how much less width and height will the 25s have on 17C? As always the Internet will help with loads of “expert advice”.

I am worried that 25s might rub on the frame under load. Yet I am also worried the 23s might not fit well and protect the rims. And I am lazy enough not to want to order both and send the ones back that don’t fit πŸ˜€

Marriage – I like the looks. Classic frame design.

I ordered the new derailleur hanger. Hope it fits and I will probably have to wait until Monday for the groupset, saddle, seat post and handlebar to arrive. I’ll make some pictures and provide a full break down of all parts as soon as they arrive.

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