Patience my young Padawan. … It’s almost unbearable! And confirmation.

It’s so difficult to not just jump out of all work meetings and start opening the box and dive into the bike build right now. But this will have to wait. (I started writing this post this morning at 9am)

By reading the address I actually just got confirmation these parts really are from a professional rider. I already guessed that when I had name and home town. And the fun part is I got to know his name since he (probably by mistake…) gave kudos to one of my rides on Strava. Yay – famous me… Just kidding : )

Anyway to continue the story is that two days earlier I wrote to the address he posted for his charity on Strava over Christmas if they can use some of my old bike parts. The response was to just send it to him directly. It’s the same address 🙂

He massively helped me out to complete all components required for the build. When I replied to his “Enjoy the parts” that my first joy will be building the bike he asked me what I was still missing. And during this time where new parts have indefinite waiting times and even used parts are scarce this was like winning the lottery. I am deeply moved and thankful! My kudos on Strava are for sure going to continue. A big shout out to Wolfgang!!

Now I am able to see the last little bits that are missing and compile the order at my favorite supplier:

What is remaining after that plus some other parts that I do not need anymore from my other bikes will be sent to him. He builds up bikes with them and sends them to Africa. I think to have a bike there makes a much bigger difference to someone than me just having my n+1. See my next post on that topic.

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