A dad’s bike build… With some time to span until the few missing components arrive I thought I’d make a first guess about the weight of the completed project. I got the kitchen scale and started to weigh all components.

So adding it all up + frame and fork and the weight of the missing components the estimation is 7.9kg. Since you can’t do without some bottle holders I bought some carbon ones yesterday. I hope I can keep the complete build below 8kg ( 17.6 pounds). Fingers crossed.

Update: I forgot to factor in the pedals. Sub 8kg won‘t happen in the first version of this build then.

Once I have established the correct saddle height I can cut off the unnecessary length from the seat post which should shave some weight. I am not sure if a carbon replacement then still makes sense. Maybe if I stumble over a good deal. I have seen lighter saddles, yet since this form (boost) is the newest hit in professional racing I want to try it first. It feels very comfortable – and that is worth some weight deficit. The most costly optimization would be a carbon or alloy light weight set of rims or going back to the frame itself. But that would set me back a very significant amount of money.

So I conclude this as a competitive weight for a build on budget – a dad’s bike build 😀

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