As I mentioned in some post earlier I have a family with two small kids and my job is engaging. This leads to very small time fragments left to enroll my projects in. I am not complaining! Not at all. Just the factual observation.

So what I tend to do is one smart and one very stupid thing. I break my projects down into small incremental steps that I can start and finish in around an hour.

The stupid thing I do is to start too many projects at the same time 😂 At least today the strategy worked. Hotte was so nice to borrow me his tools for cutting the carbon fork. With around 500km on the bike, I am confident with the chosen hight. With such professional tools I couldn’t just cut the fork without properly holding it in place. So I ordered a bench vise for my garage/workshop.

Happily I always hoard all kinds of screws. So without open stores I found some to attach the vise to my workbench. It has a cool feature… at least in my opinion. It can be turned and fastened freely in place.

After that I changed the cassette of my other bike. My friend Matthias gave me a barely used one he still had. That worked well with the new chain. The old cassette seemed to be so ridden down after last years 8.400sth km, that the chain would jump in the small cogs. So the gravel bike is up and running again \o/

So back to 3 of 3 bikes in working condition. Now I can take one of them apart again to start the next increment: Cutting the steerer tube 😄

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