First of all happy easter to everyone! This year I have time to blog to you since I am home alone. My wife and older daughter caught corona somewhere. So the past 7 days they have been polluting our house with the virus. Both only had mild symptoms and recovered right in time for the easter weekend. My younger one already had it in February. So she was immune. I defended myself well as long as I was caring for them. But for me it went the opposite: I tested positive right in time for the easter weekend πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚

I sent them all off to recover from their illness and enjoy some days off. No point in them sitting around at home with this beautiful weather. Luckily I also have mild symptoms. That though brings up another problem. I am getting bored! I could always start on the tax declaration. No! I am sick and have to get healthy. Tax declarations will have the opposite effect. I dug out an old project I had stored all the time in the garage.

My wife had bought herself a picturesque bench. Over the time the weather did have its effects on it. I took it apart to give it some care but then never really found the time to finish. Must have been a year or two now. I couldn’t find a picture from back then. But you might get an idea of its state from these two pictures.

To get rid of the rust I used a remover. Don’t know if there are better products. I have been happy with the results so far. You add a very thick layer on the parts that are rusty. Then let it do its work for about 12 – 24 hours. It’s a pain in the a%$ to clean it afterwards but worth the effort.

Next I sanded the wood and added some outdoor protection layer. Even though I did sand down quite an amount the wood still had the grey blueish stains. So either had the option of reducing the size even more, replace them or …

… the third option. I could add some paint for better looks. After consulting with my wife we settled on white. I didn’t want to cover the wood completely. Trying to keep the romantic style of it. The shabby chic idea. Perfect imperfect.

After all had dried I put it back together again. Wanted to send some pictures to the girls. With me still positive I can’t get the necessary items from the construction market to finish it. My plan is to use some boat varnish to protect the wood from weathering. For the frame I was thinking of using some clear varnish to cover the metal. If you have any suggestions or better ideas for weather resilience I am happy to know!

Turned out decent and I had something to do to keep me occupied. I’ll finish this post with…

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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