Again we couldn’t make up our mind which tour to take until a few hours before. We chose to test one we had prepared some time ago as an idea. Our trip took us to Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • Starting from Basel Bad Bf on day one traveling through the Basel country (Basler Land) to the Alps. Best part of that day was our swim in the river!
  • Day two took us from Schüpfheim over the Glaubenbielen Pass to the Sarner Lake. Then along the lake to the Vierwaldstädter See with destination Brunnen.
  • Crossing past the Mythen over the skiing area Holzegg and Brunni to Einsiedeln started day three. After an epic descent we followed the Sihl until shortly before Zurich. There we finished with a climb up the Uetliberg as finale and rolled down to Zurich HB. Definitely the Highlight of 2023 … so far 😁

If you’d like to watch the video you can find it on my channel on YT here. It’s a longer video with 15 minutes. I wanted to keep as much as possible from this epic trip. So don’t hesitate to watch at higher speed or forward here and there 😄

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