We give each other smaller gifts to easter in the family. I wished for some airline rails πŸ™‚ After a few real life missions I found the next upgrade to the bike trailer should be some way of keeping the storage in place. So after tinkering around the net for options I stumbled across so called airline rails (german: Zurrschienen). That looked like a perfect option in terms of stability, weight (alloy) and flexibility. Probably the pictures will make most sense of what I am talking about. On top of that I also had ordered the h-profile to fixate the two parts of the floor together again.

First I took the floor out, then decided on placing the rails directly at the outer edge on top of the frame and attached it. This allowed me to mark exactly where I needed the holes to be in order to connect it through the existing ones in the frame.

I then prepared the holes so that the screws nicely sink in place and allow free movement of the rings in the rails.

Then I cut the h-profile to the correct width and placed it in between both parts of the floor. Next step was to place the rails and attach them (for now with 2 of the old screws).

Here goes the second iteration of my working prototype! I will measure the required length of the 4 screws to replace the intermediate ones. They should then also sink in nicely into the rails.

Since the pandemic is not allowing trips to France I will postpone buying the alloy floor until this is possible. I am looking forward to meet with Hotte for a “building and bike touring”-day.

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